made in Britain from Transylvanian hemp

everyday bags
that last

Handmade from unbleached, natural hemp – the most eco-friendly and durable fabric.

Made in HM prisons by offenders working towards a new future.

We are a social enterprise with an environmental and social purpose.

Our bags

Our bags are designed for everyday use.
Made from the hardest wearing, soft, sustainable fabric, our bags age beautifully. Vibrant colours offset the earthiness of unbleached, natural organic hemp.

Conviktion bags


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If we buy better
we can buy less

We design and produce practical bags that people love to use, whilst caring about the environment, social issues and transparency.

We use 100% hemp fabric because it offers the best and lasting value for our customers. 

Our work shows the advantage of sustainable, traceable production, and of giving opportunity to disadvantaged people.



made from natural hemp

helping people

giving offenders purpose

carbon footprint

sourcing close to home

magnificent hemp

why hemp?

stronger, softer and vastly more eco-friendly than cotton

Hemp fibre is stronger and softer than cotton and it lasts much longer. The fabric is naturally bacteria-resistant, anti-mildew and fast drying. It holds its shape, ages beautifully and absorbs dye well to keep its colour. Hemp has traditionally been used on boats, for tents and outdoor coverings.