magnificent hemp

The word ‘canvas’ means made from hemp. Hemp fabric was neglected in the 20th century but that is changing because of the exceptional natural properties of hemp fibre.

why hemp

why we love hemp

Hemp fibre is stronger and softer than cotton and it lasts much longer. The fabric is naturally bacteria-resistant, anti-mildew and fast drying.

Cultivation does not require pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers. Since no chemicals are used in the processing of the cloth either, there are no residues in the hemp fabric and it is hypo-allergenic.

A hemp crop requires a third of the land and 5% of the water of thirsty cotton and, as a leafier plant, hemp produces far more oxygen as it grows.

Because the hemp plant improves the soil around it, it was planted at the radioactive Chernobyl site to naturally remove toxins and pollutants from the soil and groundwater.

We use the best hemp from Europe which is grown on small traditional Transylvanian farms.

other fabrics

Our strappings for handles are also made of hemp. The extra strength of hemp, its softness and the hypo allergenic qualities of the webbing make it particularly suitable.

We also use recycled polyester, known as rPET, for bag linings, pockets and thread. rPET is made from old plastic bottles. It has the same strength as virgin polyester fabric. Its production requires 60% less energy, water and CO2 emissions and its use helps to reduce landfill.

processes & trims

Most cotton or linen canvas contains PVC. We do not use synthetic coatings in our fabrics. We do not bleach our fabric because the manufacture, handling and disposal of bleach is damaging at every stage. We use non-toxic, reactive dyes that are easily broken down in the sewage system.

We use YKKs range of NATULON® zips. They are made from recycled materials such as PET bottles using Mechanical Recycling technologies. YKK is world famous for its long-lasting products.

vibrant colours

“When we decided to work solely with unbleached hemp, I feared this would result in a dull colour palette. But hemp absorbs dye so well. We can still achieve vivid colours that combine beautifully with our natural strapping and panels.”

Victoria van Hees

product designer